Snow and Ice Management

When you are immersed in the sunny warmth of summer, the winter seems far away and most businesses and HOAs are not thinking about the need for snow and ice management. Planning ahead for snow and ice management will save you time, effort and money. Investing in P&M Lawn and Landscaping for your snow and ice management is like insurance. You may have a mild winter and rarely use us but when the big storm hits, you are well covered.

Our Snow and Ice Management teams provide comprehensive snow and ice management services to keep your property accessible and functional throughout the storm. We offer both commercial and HOA snow and ice management services to our clients. At this time we do not offer residential snow and ice management.

The services our staff specialize in include:

Pre-Treatment: Pre-treating emphasizes prevention rather than reaction. Salting roads, parking lots, and sidewalks before a storm creates a layer of brine on the pavement and walkways which then lowers the freezing point of water. Pre-treating roads, parking lots, and sidewalks 24-48 hours in advance allows for effective plowing and shoveling once the storm hits.

Deicing Treatments: Deicing is reaction rather than prevention. Freezing temperatures can quickly turn a surface into an icy nightmare. Black ice lurking on roads, parking lots or slippery sidewalks can put everyone's safety at risk. Providing applications of rock salt to roads and parking lots as well as calcium chloride for sidewalks after plowing and shoveling will lower the freezing point of water and keep your surfaces safer.

Neighborhood Snow Plowing: Neighborhood plowing ensures your neighborhood is clean, safe and inviting. Many HOAs work with the DelDOT Snow Reimbursement Program on a four-inch trigger. Once the storm accumulates to 4”, our reliable and efficient snow and ice management teams will make an initial pass through the neighborhood clearing the main roads. As the storm comes to an end, our teams will clear your neighborhood roads curb to curb. In advance of and during the storm, we ask residents to park in their driveways instead of on the street so our snow and ice management teams can plow as much of the roadways as possible.

Business Snow Plowing and Shoveling: Removing snow and ice quickly and effectively is the key to keeping your business running as smoothly as possible during inclement winter weather. Snow and ice can have a big impact on your business as they may cause people to stay home rather than going out shopping, making your business see lower profits. Clearing sidewalks is another important part of snow and ice removal. When you keep your property's sidewalks clear of snow and ice, it shows your customers, clients and employees that you care about their safety.

How do the contracts work:

Per Event: Per event services are for businesses who want to pay for snow and ice management, if and when the snowfalls. Per event is structured upon total snow accumulation: 2 - 4”, 4.01 - 6”, 6.01 - 8”, 8.01 - 10”, and 10.01 - 12”. Anything over 1 foot is priced per inch over 1 foot. Pre-treatment and deicing treatments are also billed per event.

We never want the snow to build up on your property. Big storms will require multiple pushes per property to ensure the property stays clear and safe. Our teams will spend more time clearing 6” of snow than the clearings at the 2” mark. Our snow and ice management teams aim to clear snow at 2” rather than 8”.

Seasonal Contracts: Seasonal contracts are for two types of clients. These contracts are for corporate properties with zero tolerance for snow and ice and for businesses and communities who want to set up services and then forget about it. A seasonal contract is easier for budget planning because your snow removal costs will not vary wildly month to month during the snow season. Businesses and communities pay the same fixed amount, no matter how many times we plow or salt your property.

Pre-treatment, deicing plowing, and shoveling sidewalks are included in this type of contract. Seasonal contracts are three to five-year contracts. Balancing out the mild and heavy snow winters.

P&M Lawn and Landscaping is dedicated to exceeding our client’s expectations, no matter the project!

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